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HIGH LINE The Smart Pack
  • HIGH LINE The Smart Pack

    The intelligent garage door


    Imagine being able to see if your garage door is properly closed anytime, anywhere, even when you're not at home. That you can see who opened the gate and when. Or that you can remotely open the gate to let someone in. It's all possible with The Smart Pack; so you can have peace of mind! 


    In The Smart Pack we have bundled all the products needed to turn your garage door into a smart garage door.


    Your home is getting smarter, why not your garage door too?

    • Security

      Ultimate securityin the event that you lose your keys, which then unexpectedly end up in the hands of strangers, myQ ensures security. Access to your garage and home is secured with triple verification in your phone. This way, your gate is protected from unauthorized access even if you should lose your phone.

    • product benefits

      stay in control

      With the myQ app, two main users and five guest users have access to your garage door. For your own peace of mind, you can monitor and control who was in your garage and when.

      Operation via the myQ app

      The first step is already done, you have a smartphone! All you have to do now is to purchase and simply install The Smart Pack and download the myQ App.

      The ultimate way to operate your garage door easily and conveniently.

      myQ Gateway

      With myQ Gateway you connect your garage door opener to your internet access. You can operate and monitor your door from anywhere in the world using a smartphone, tablet PC or PC!

      myQ Safety Beam

      The infrared myQ Safety Beam ensures the best protection for you and your family. As soon as the infrared beam is interrupted, the gate stops and does not close any further.

      Real Time Notifications

      You will receive a notification when your garage door opens, closes or stays open. Real-time notifications with a unique beep let you know instantly when your garage door opens or closes, without even having to pick up your phone.

      Add guest users or co-owners.

      As a Smart Pack user, you can securely grant five myQ guest users you know and trust limited access to your garage door. The co-owner function grants access to two people from your family or close circle.

      In the app, the user history of the owner and co-owners can be retrieved and notifications can be set for all myQ device activities. Co-owners can create new schemes or adapt existing ones. All device activities of a co-owner are registered.

    €439.00 Regular Price
    €343.00Sale Price