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HIGH-LINE 18 (1300N) garage door operator

HIGH-LINE 18 (1300N) garage door operator

Our High-Line operators are the perfect choice for anyone who values electric operation of their garage door.


With our new garage door operators from the High-Line series, you get a stylish design, quiet operation, quick opening and closing of the door, low energy consumption and CE-approved security.


The combination of the High-Line garage door with the drive specially developed for this door gives you the advantage that they are perfectly matched. This guarantees reliable and smooth operation.


Another highlight is the possibility to open and close your garage door with the myQ app on your smartphone from anywhere in the world. You have control over your garage door at all times and can conveniently operate it when you are out and about.


Choose our High-Line operators for the ultimate in convenience and reliability when operating your garage door.

  • Technical specifications

    • Gate up to 8 m2
    • 600 N
    • Gate weight max 100 kg
    • Speed 160mm/s

    HIGH LINE 10 
    • Gate up to 10 m2
    • 800 N
    • Gate weight max 130 kg
    • Speed 200mm/s

    HIGH LINE 15 
    • Gate up to 15 m2
    • 1000N
    • Gate weight max. 180 kg
    • Speed 200mm/s

    HIGH LINE 18 
    • Gate up to 18 m2
    • 1300 N
    • Gate weight max 225 kg
    • Speed 130mm/s


    All of our gate operators meet the following standard specifications:
    • Standby power : 0.8 W
    • Noise level: 54 dB
    • Prepared for
    • Input voltage: 220-240 V. 50-60 Hz
    • Motor type: 24VDC
    • Standby mode: 0.8 W
    • Illumination: LED/2.5 min
    • Drive mechanism: toothed belt
    • Adjusting the closing and opening force: Automatic
    • Setting the end positions: Electronic
    • Soft start/stop
    • Programming the timer for automatic closing
    • Including wireless interior button

  • Security


    Use the upgrade option of a High-Line garage door operator with the myQ app on a smartphone, tablet or computer. With myQ you can open or close your gate at any time of the day. The gate can be operated from anywhere in the world – so you can open your gate from anywhere (e.g. for your child or a parcel delivery person)!

    All High-Line drives are prepared for myQ.