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Summer ENTRAsys+ finger scanner
  • Summer ENTRAsys+ finger scanner

    Open your gate with a touch of your finger


    Our ENTRAsys+ finger scanner opens garage doors, courtyard gates and front doors with a gentle touch of a finger thanks to biometric recognition. With this product, SOMMER offers a reliable access control system. In this way, gates and doors open without a key or access card, because the user always has their unmistakable access authorization with them with their fingerprint.

    • product benefits

      Fingerprint opening
      The biometric recognition system allows you to open gates and doors simply with your fingerprint.

      Fast detection
      The modern stripe sensor guarantees high and fast fingerprint recognition.

      Large storage capacity
      Depending on the complexity of the fingerprints, it is possible to store 50-80 fingerprints. Administrator rights can also be assigned to up to 9 prints. These can, for example, distribute or revoke access rights.

      High protection against manipulation
      Live detection prevents tampering with duplicate fingerprints. Access is only granted to an identified and stored living fingerprint.

      Security through encrypted radio system
      The access system offers maximum security against hackers through 128-bit AES encryption with rolling code. The transmitters are always backwards compatible with the radio system Somloq Rollingcode . It is not possible to short circuit or bridge as with wired systems.

      Adjustable functions
      The integrated lighting and the heatable scanning area offer more comfort. Delayed sending can also be set. With the Access Control function, after multiple unauthorized access attempts, a radio command can be sent to another receiver that is connected to an alarm system and provides more security.

    • concealed

      Access control system for flush mounting

      • The low construction height of 10 mm offers a discreet look