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Summer Telecody Courier
  • Summer Telecody Courier

    This turns the garage into a smart parcel depot


    The smart parcel deposit from SOMMER allows the deliverer to deposit a parcel in the garage. The opening height of the garage door can be determined individually. There are two security levels to choose from: The gate can be opened using the red button or an individual numerical code.

    • function

      Collections in the parcel shop, at a packing station or from the neighbors will be a thing of the past. Parcels can be conveniently delivered directly to the garage.

      Parking permit garage

      Parcel delivery is not possible because nobody is at home? Grant the parcel deliverer such as z. B. DHL in advance a parking permit for the garage. The storage location and the access code can be entered when tracking the shipment on the website or in the app.

      Access code or red button

      The parcel deliverer can deposit parcels in the garage with the predefined access code. An access code can be stored, alternatively the red button can be used for the package function. The package feature can be paused at any time.

      Parcel delivery in the garage

      The parcel deliverer presses the red button or enters the access code. The Telecody Courier sends a command to open the door, after approx. 3 seconds the garage door drive stops. Now the parcel deliverer can deposit the parcel in the garage. After 15 seconds the garage door closes again. We recommend marking the desired storage location on the garage floor.

      Pick up the package conveniently

      Open your garage as usual with your hand transmitter or with the Telecody Courier and pick up your parcel whenever you want.

    • Sicherheit

      The Telecody Courier offers two levels of security: opening the gate using the red button or using an individually selectable access code. The opening height can be set using the number pad. Since the open height is related to the open duration, you can set the desired open duration between 3-9 seconds. The opening height depends on the garage door and the opening time. The factory opening time is 3 seconds, this corresponds to an opening height of approx. 30 cm.

      The fixed hold-open time is 15 seconds. It is practical that the gate closes automatically after these 15 seconds. The opening function can also be paused at any time, for example if you are traveling or are not expecting any packages.

      Communication between the Telecody Courier and the garage door operator takes place via the SOMloq2 radio system. It is not possible to short circuit or bridge as with wired systems.

    • radio code switch

      radio code switch

      In addition to its parcel storage function, the Telecody Courier can also be used as a radio code switch with up to 10 radio commands. The Telecody Courier is attached directly to the outside wall of the garage with an aluminum wall bracket. Bracket and fastening material are already included in the scope of delivery.

      The illuminated keys allow code entry even in dark environments and the long battery life is a matter of course for us. The Telecody Courier is weather resistant and ideal for indoor and outdoor use. The model is available in black and white.

    • Technical specifications

      Designation Telecody Courier
      item number S12829-00001 (black)
      S12829-00003 (white)
      radio commands 12 (10 with access code)
      radio system SOMloq2
      frequency FM 868.8MHz
      FM 868.95MHz
      Range 50 m (depending on the environment)
      temperature range −20 °C to +55 °C
      Degree of protection IP64
      battery 3V, type CR 123A
      Dimensions 147x48x30mm