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Summer SOMweb smart home control
  • Summer SOMweb smart home control

    The safe smart home solution


    SOMweb is the secure smart home solution that keeps the data in the garage. The system enables drives to be controlled via a smartphone app or a web browser. The data is safe because it is not stored on external servers, but literally stays at home.

    • Security

      The integrated server saves all data on the SOMweb. No user data is stored on external servers, which could be a potential target for hackers due to their large amounts of data. This gives your data the best possible protection against hacker attacks. Communication between SOMweb and the drive takes place via the SOMloq2 radio system with 128-bit AES encryption. Push notifications about movements at the gate and the optional video function provide even more security outside of the field of vision.

    • Comfort

      Smart control

      Download and install the SOMweb app conveniently on your smartphone or tablet via Google Play or the App Store.

      home network or internet access

      SOMweb has a server and establishes a direct connection between the WLAN-enabled device and the drive.  An optional LAN adapter for the USB port is required for operation with a LAN cable.

      Easy updating

      Easily keep your SOMweb up to date with the app. You will be notified of updates in the app. So you don't have to worry about security.

    • Smart home integration

      Integrate the SOMweb into your smart home and control your garage with your usual system.


      HomeKit technology allows the use of the Apple Home app. This allows scenes to be created that combine different devices. For example, switch on the lights in the hallway automatically when you open the garage in the evening or query the status of your door with the Siri voice control.

      • The SOMweb enables garage doors to be controlled via the Siri voice control system
      • The Apple Home app enables location-based control
      • iOS 11.0 or higher is recommended for control

      Google Assistant

      Controlling drives  with voice commands via Google Home or the Google Assistant. Open and close your gate with your voice or query your gate state with Google voice control.

      IFTTT enables Amazon Alexa

      Creating your own events via the IFTTT platform. For example, the automatic opening and closing of the garage at a specified distance, also known as geofencing, from the gate or at a specific time.

      • Voice control via Amazon Alexa is made possible by IFTTT
      • IFTTT enables more functions like own applet for geofencing
    • video function

      Additional security

      With the integrated video function, you can display a live stream from your IP cameras in the SOMweb app when the door is moving. Receive notifications of gate movements via email or push notifications in the SOMweb app. You can view the video recordings in the log at a later date.

    • user management